Transport solutions

International road carriage from Western Europe to Eastern countries is our main specialization. We organize transportation using the following types of vehicles:

  • standard tilt trucks 13.6 m.
  • isotherm trucks and refrigerators (standard and bicameral).
  • mega trailers.
  • double trailers.
  • platforms for outsized cargo.
  • cisterns.
  • coil trailers and others.

Icarus logistics offers transportation for valuable cargo as well as for dangerous (ADR) goods.
The route of the truck can be adopted according to the needs of the client (transit countries at request, several loading/unloading points, etc.).
For urgent shipments fast delivery with 2 drivers can be organized.
We do full truck loadings (FTL) as well as less then truck loads (LTL). In special cases small dedicated truck can be also organized.

Icarus logistics carries out sea container transportation from Asia (mainly China and Korea) to CIS countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine).

We offer our clients full container loads (FCL) including containers of different sizes and less than container loads (LCL) for small amount of cargo.
For outsized and heavy cargo we organize out of gauge (OOG) transportation.

Sea container shipment is the most optimal way to deliver goods from Asia if we take into account prices and delivery time. On average transit time from China to Belarus, for example, is around 45 days.

We offer rail transportation mainly from China to Russia and Belarus, which is a more expensive but faster alternative to sea shipment (transit time by rail is usually 30% less).

Moreover, railroad transportation guarantees more safe delivery because of less transshipments of the cargo during the way.

We organize complicated transportation schemes, especially for big projects involving transportation of outsized cargo.

Such schemes involve sea container / ferry transportation in combination with railroad transportation / truck transportation.

Combination of different means of transport helps to solve problems of poor infrastructure or seasonal road restrictions in the area of loading/unloading and allows flexibility of
delivery conditions.

Industry Solutions

One of our major strengh is big experience in transportation of chemicals, both dangerous (ADR) goods and non-ADR goods.

We transport different kinds of chemistry:

  • colorants, pigments, staining agents for different manufacture industries.
  • herbicides and all kinds of chemistry for agriculture and horticulture.
  • colouring agents/ food additives/ aromatizers for food industry.
  • raw materials for chemicals / building and construction materials production.
  • pharmaceuticals, vaccines, other goods for medicine (including high value goods).
  • household chemistry / cosmetics.

Specifics of transportation: Icarus logistics organizes transportation of either chemicals packed in barrels and tanks on pallets or transportation of bulk cargo.

We deal with chemicals that need special temperature regime. Moreover, we are specialists in reloading and storing of ADR / non-ADR chemicals in our warehouse facilities.

We transport a broad line of machinery types:

  • machines for iron and steel industry, building and construction, automobile, packaging, food processing and other industries, equipment for ventilation / climate control, etc.
  • all kinds of agricultural equipment: equipment for greenhouses, hatcheries, poultry farms, etc., seeding machines, diggers, tractors, etc.
  • pumps, turbines, machines for mining, drilling, etc.
  • equipment for environmental industry, water treatment, power industry, etc.
  • whole production lines for turnkey projects and factories.

Specifics of transportation: for outsized/heavy cargo we use different kinds of platforms and carry out all necessary road permissions.

For big projects we organize joint customs clearance for a big number of trucks if required.

For valuable cargo (starting from 200.000 EUR in 1 truck) we organize transportation using carriers with customs license.

  • tubes, fittings, parts/devices for pipelines, etc.
  • metal sheets (transported with coil trailers).
  • cables, wires, reels, etc.
  • beauty products: equipment and tools for beauty salons, etc.

  • seeds (involves transportation of high-value seeds and seeds packed in bags that are very delicate).
  • live animals, livestock, day-old chickens, hatching eggs (including special transport, fast delivery, temperature and ventilation conditions observation).
  • meat products, dairy products, other food products.
  • raw materials for confectionery industry: cacao beans / powder, milk powder, flavours, food colorants, etc.

Specifics of transportation: we take special care of temperature conditions and safety of such products. All veterinary / phytosanitary documentation is checked and all formalities
of veterenary control are observed.

Warehousing & Customs formalities

Our modern warehouse is situated directly on the way of most transportation flows from Western to Eastern Europe – in Poland, Warsaw region.
The warehouse is equiped with new loading machines, temperature control equipment, security cameras.

Icarus logistics offers the following warehousing services:

  • consolidation & storage.
  • transshipment, reloading.
  • labelling.

We carry out the following services:

  • Ex-1, T-1, carnet ATA execution.
  • TIR, CMR execution and control.
  • executions of guaranties for high-value cargo.
  • consultation on the issues of customs formalities.
  • additional insurance of your cargo against all risks / insurance policies for each transportation individually.